My Best Offer at SFI

I have made the decision to really get involved in SFI and help my Affiliates to advance/earn. 

I have created a AD co-op at SFI for my movers and shakers.

I have given one share of this co-op to each EA (Executive Affiliate) member or higher at no cost. 

I have extensive advertising experience and generate over 20,000 visitors per day to my lnks and I know this co-op will do well.   You can become and EA within 24 hours with some effort and within 48 hours with just a little effort.

SFI is the best site on the net for earning residual commissions. I received commissions for three years after I stopped promoting it and one of my upline is a top member who revealed that he stopped promoting for 11 years and still received commissions every month, for 11 years. Obviously, after retirement from his work as a Doctor he is back promoting SFI.

Get the facts about SFI  here and signup for FREE today


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