The Secret to success online is simply SFI

SFI is designed to build your business by adding Versapoints and building your downline.

Years ago I found that getting to the basics of any program was the secret to success. 

So to succeed at SFI I set two goals. 
1. I go to the to do list every day and check the list to glean some Versapoints 

2. I advertise to gain new affiliates. 

Notice I have not mentioned a goal of making money. Why is that? 
Because the money will come automatically when I do steps 1 and 2. 
In fact that is the only way to make money at SFI! 

Did you know the big time money makers online do not set money as the goal – rather they set some many leads or optins as their primary goal. 
Remember the basics to succeed at SFI 
Versapoints and Affiliates 

Get the full details here by signing up free here today


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