Follow these instructions:
1. G-mail will allow you to only send 500 emails a day.
2. Send 1 email every day to 450 people…
3. Set up a another g-mail account to use just for your e-mail campaign
4. Set up an EXCEL spreadsheet and use it to record your leads
5. Open your leads spreadsheet and highlight the first 450 e-mail addresses.
6. Go to g-mail and click compose.
7. Paste your 450 addresses into the bcc field
8. Save the e-mail in your draft folder.
9. Now copy your email ad for GDI Team Elite, making sure there is a spam clause at the bottom
10. Put your email address in the to: and cc: fields, and Send.
It will send your email out to everyone, and they will not see the other 449 email addresses.
to: your email address
cc: your email address
bcc: 450 email addresses
Sample AD : With Spam Clause – BELOW !
You will Get:
  • 6 Paid Members in Your Downline
  • FREE Team Leadership Training
  • 100,000 free leads each month
  • Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors
  • FREE Collective Advertising System
Our team works together to build downlines for each and every member !
Follow the link to join
This is a commercial advertisement and if you want to be removed
from future mailings, just reply to this email with “Remove Me” in
the subject line

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