Helen the Hero part 2

Children’s TV presenter Helen Skelton has again demonstrated that UK youth might be able follow in the footpaths of their glorious predecessors. For charity, Helen tightrope walked between the towers of Battersea Power Station and in doing so showed more b***s than all of the country’s professional footballers put together. Remember this is the same person who has also canoed the length of the Amazon River.

Contrast this with Wayne Rooney and his unprovoked and unpunished elbow attack to the head of another player  or Ashley Cole and his “accidental” shooting of a young man on work placement. Two misunderstood and accident prone internationals who survived unpunished and were both defended by their managers.

Our national sport now revolves around blatant cheating and uncontrollable spite. Strong athletic men are content to spend a large proportion of a game pretending they are injured.  Take a look at Rugby League match where the players spend a large proportion of the game pretending they are not injured.  It’s much more honest




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