Anarchy in the UK

As a teenager in the mid-1970s, I was watching a late night night TV programme called “So it Goes” and witnessed a new band called the Sex Pistols perform “Anarchy in the UK.” I realised, along with others, that things would be different from now on.

The UK was very different landscape in those pre-Thatcher days. This was the country where the industrial revoution took place, the country who invented most of the industrial processes the world relied upon and where many people worked in long standing industries such as steel, coal, ship building and the motor industry.

In 2010, if you look around you will see a very different place but most families have at least one car. There is an obvious demand for cars in the UK but most are manufactured abroad. The cars and many other  appliances are made from steel and again there is an obvious demand for steel but most of it is imported. We are an island nation with a proud sea faring tradition and a navy which once ruled the waves. The seas around the UK are full of foreign manufactured ships. I could go on.

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in Widnes is a coal fired power station which used to be fuelled by coal from the Lancashire coal field consisting of over one hundred mines. These days coal is now imported from Poland to Fiddlers Ferry and the Lancashire coal fields no longer exist. Proud communities have been decimated, wages gave been replaced by benefits and proud men have been needlessly brought to their knees.   

Ordinary people in the UK have been badly let down by people in authority.  At the very least there has been gross incomptetence and some massive mistakes made.  More likely we have been conned into exporting our jobs to other countries and responsibility must lie with the incompetant managers (or selfish polititions) who allowed this to happen.

If anybody starts to talk about “loss making nationalised industries” remember that out competitors such as France and Germany didn’t close their manufacturing plant down. Renault and Citroen regrouped and are still going strong. France and Germany planned for the long term while we were conned.

If anybody talks about “Trade Union Militants” or Arthur Scargill then surely responsibility cannot be delegated and must lie with the weak managers and polititions who made the decisions. You will never convince me that on a fair playing field it is cost effective to transport coal to Widnes from Poland rather than from Wigan or St Helens especially when the ensuing benefits and social problems are taked into account. We exported jobs and imported social problems. 

We seem to be repeating these mistakes in Sheffield (Nick Clegg’s constituency) where a company called Forgemasters exists who have the capability to make fuel rods for nuclear reactors. Only two firms in the world (the other is in Japan) have this capability and investment was promised by the last Labour government. At a time when the UK and the rest of the world is investing in nuclear power, the new coalition goverment is cancelling this investment leaving the field open to the Japanese. We are still being badly let down by our leaders.

To cap it all, the bankers who were among the main culprits of this deceit have made a few mistakes and now require a bailout. No bailouts were given to miners or steel workers but loss making banks are subsidised by tax payers from public funds and ordinary people are expected to pay with increased taxes and lost jobs. It stinks and so does the well publicised MPs expenses scandal.

In the UK, our leaders should look after the interests of hard working ordinary people. An obvious way to do this would involve becoming self sufficient once again and allowing British workers to concentrate on producing goods such as food, energy, steel, cars etc to sell to the home market. This would involve some difficult decsions and I don’t expect it to happen.

At the moment, the difficult decisions could be made by traditional, democratically elected parties if the will was there. If  ordinary people continue to be ignored, the day will come where a strong, charismatic leader might appeal.

I sincerely hope not.

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2 Responses to “Anarchy in the UK”

  1. billybob Says:

    Ah yes I remember it well

    Things have changed so much since then and not for the better

  2. nosebagman Says:

    Ah yes I remember it well too

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