I thoroughly recommend this book

I am a big fan of John Grisham and “The Testament” was the first book of his that I read. I was immediately addicted and I have now read the majority of his novels although this one is still my favourite. As with all his books, it has a fast moving plot and works as a terrific thriller in a legal setting but it is still able to show the author’s world weary contempt for his former profession and all it represents.

The story concerns an elderly billionaire who, tired of life, draws up a new will then promptly commits suicide. The new will leaves his fortune to a previously unknown, illegitimate daughter and this destroys the hopes and dreams of his entire family including three ex-wives and numerous children. Legal challenges take place and a search is launched for the missing daughter but the story really concerns the contrasting stories of Nate O’Reilly and Rachel Lane. Nate is the ex-drug addict, recovering alcoholic lawyer dealing with the case while Rachel is the missionary working in Brazil with no knowledge of her inheritance. Through them Grisham conveys his thoughts on the pursuit of money and the meaning of real wealth.

I thoroughly recommend this book. It will provide ideal entertainment for anybody lying on a beach during the summer and is tinged with enough wisdom to enrich the minds of anybody looking for more.

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