Helen the hero!!!

Helen Skelton is a presenter on Blue Peter (a long running childrens programme in the UK) and a remarkable young woman. She recently demontrated her amazing stamina and bravery by spending a month kayaking over one thousand miles along the Amazon River in South America. In doing so she raised a large amout of money for the Sports Relief charity and showed far more b***s than most famous male athletic role models recently e.g. Chelsea footballers.

This was an unforgettable adventure for Helen and I’m sure she will remember it for the rest of her life. We can’t all undertake activities on the same scale but we can make a contribution. Consider participating in or organising a sponsored event for charity. What about a sponsored walk with some friends or work colleagues ? It would help your chosen cause and help you feel better too   

I recommend cycling. It is cheap, enjoyable, good exercise, readily available and there are thousands of miles of suitable paths to use. Why not undertake a challenge for charity? I read recently that some young men are cycling from Leeds to Perpignon before watching Catalan Dragons v Leeds Rhinos.  I’m sure they will enjoy the experience immensely and you could do something similar (within your limitations) to combine charity giving with exercise. It could also be an unforgettable adventure.

Sadly the habitat witnessed by Helen during her epic journey is disappearing fast. In a few years it could have disappeared all together with massive implications for the planet. It only takes £50 to save an acre of amazonian rain forest.

CLICK HERE to make a donation


One Response to “Helen the hero!!!”

  1. Paul Says:

    Totally agree

    Helen is a remarkable lady

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