Take Control of your Own Destiny in 2010

The recent economic difficulties experienced by EU countries, the USA and others throughout the world have been well documented and will continue for some time yet. Many normal people have and will continue to lose their jobs and possibly their homes through no fault of their own. Meanwhile, the bankers and so called financial experts who caused the problem will continue to live in their large mansions and continue with their affluent lifestyles. The very few individuals who were deemed responsible and sacked were given multi-million pound severance deals.

 They will not starve.

Over the years the financial sector has, on the whole, been very successful at using our money to make more money. The people involved were shrewd, sophisticated investors who were very good at assessing and managing risk.

This strategy can and will be successful in the future if managed correctly. The economic problems were caused by arrogant individuals who became over confident and took unnecessary risks with our money.

Unfortunately, we all need to face up to an uncomfortable truth.  We will not be able to depend on big companies, big corporations or the state to look after our welfare in the future.  Jobs for life and the associated good pensions are a thing of the past for most people.

We should all take control of our own destiny, become sophisticated investors and start using money to make money. We will all need to increase our financial inilligence and learn how to assess and manage risk. It will involve moving out of a comfort zone but the financial rewards will be much greater than working nine to five.

Consider working for yourself. An on-line business involving selling from a website is quick to set up, flexible, easy to run and involves almost no start up costs.

Many people have escaped their dreary nine to five routines by buying and selling property. This is probably a good time to buy but be very careful and do your homework. You must be a sophisticated investor who knows how to assess and manage risk.

There is no difference between investing on the stock market and gambling using more traditional outlets such as bookmakers and casinos. Again you must be a sophisticated investor and the easiest way to proceed is to use one of the many available systems and stick to it rigidly.

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