Work smart not hard

Every employee in the world is aware of an often stated but simple fact.

In any line of business you will be paid the lowest possible amount that your employer can get away with.   It is true now and always has been.

A legacy of Margaret Thatcher in the eighties is that we all behave as and are treated as individuals in the noughties. Unfortunately we don’t work together as communities to help each other anymore and we don’t defend our interests like we used to.  For example, anybody who has a slight disagreement with their employer will find there are many, many, many others waiting in-line to replace them, usually for less money.

As an result, the majority opt for security and a quiet life rather than money/fulfilment  especially in difficult economic times and there is nothing wrong with that.  You can stay where you are, keep your head down and, if you can,  bat it out until retirement.  It might not be much fun, could be soul destroying but at least you will be able to pay the bills unlike Jimmy Jones up the road who lost his job at the age of forty three, through no fault of his own and has little hope of finding another.

There is another simple fact, often denied for the same of convenience,  which we all need to face up to as soon as possible.

You are unlikely to make good money working for someone else and you will not be fully in control of your own destiny.

Have you ever thought working for yourself or starting up your own business? Have you learnt any skills from your employer that you can apply elsewhere?  Are there any ideas that would work but which they have refused implement? Can you do what your employer does cheaper?

Many people have made money by investing in property.

Some people make excellent profits from investments.

What about an on-line, website based business?

They are often cheap/easy to set up, require no specialist skills/knowledge and come with full instructions/support.  By working a few hours per week, from home, you could earn a significant part time income which could easily grow into a substantial full time income.

Most importantly, all the profits will be yours. You will be working to make yourself rich and not your boss. You and your family will have the opportunity of a better life.

You could regain control of your own life and be hopeful about the future.


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