Count your blessings and SMILE

In the western world we tend to associate our wealth with out bank balance.

You cannot measure your personal wealth in purely financial terms.

Our relationships, friends, life experiences, memories and reputation are much more important. A favourite film of mine is “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart and without spoiling the plot for anybody who hasn’t seen it, the main character turns out to be fabulously wealthy because of his place in the local community.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Have you considered doing some volunteer work?

The world is full of people who need your help both local and international. This could involve working at a local hospice or working overseas. There are many options available and information is available at your local library. It will help them and you will feel better too.

At the very least you could sponsor a third world child. It only costs 50p per day you could bring about a positive change to a child’s life. You could provide food, help him/her go to school and help his/her family, friends and community.

The most important thing is. STOP MOANING.

Count your blessings and SMILE.


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