Use you time

Everyone should be made aware of the most precious thing they possess and use it constructively.  I am talking about time.  Once gone, it is gone forever and you cannot buy it back. There are no negotiations.

I do not expect young prople to take advice from a middle aged man like me because that is not the way it works.  Everybody, especially the young, should use their time constructively and spend their time pursuing activities that they enjoy and are worthwhile.

“What are these activities?” I hear you say and it’s a matter of opinion.

I advise you all to experience as many worthwhile activities as you can and concentrate on the ones you enjoy.

Unfortunately,  young people usually take all the the jewels in the shop because they are not sure which ones are worth having and which ones are not.

I have never taken drugs but I have drank and smoked heavily. I wasted  more hours hanging around pubs and clubs waiting for …. I dont know….. than I care to remember.  I used to say that I drank to make “other people more interesting” but that says more about me than anybody else.

I give advice and don’t take it  (like everybody else) but here goes anyway.

Do not drink,  smoke or take drugs.

They are pointless activities which achieve nothing and are not even particularly enjoyable.  Life is much better unanaesthetised.

It is easier said than done, especially if you are addicted (whatever that means) but you will feel better and enjoy life more.

“Virtue is a reward in itself”  This is true.


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