Regrets, I have a few

Frank was a wise man and I wouldn’t want to contradict him in any way but I personally have very few regrets.  We can all say “if I knew then what I know now etc” but all the decisions I have taken were taken for good reasons at the time and I wouldn’t do anything different if I had my time again.

My life isn’t perfect but fundamentally, we all need to address the question:

How should a human being spend the limited amount of time they have on the earth?

Only an individual can give an answer because “one man’s c**p is another man’s caviar”

I will make two crucial points:-

1)  You cannot measure your personal wealth in terms of money alone.

It is not difficult to find people with plenty of money but no time to spend it and/or nobody to spend it on or with.

2) Everybody should follow their own dreams.

There are no sadder words in any langauge than “what if ?”

People with more regrets than they care to mention (unlike Frank) are usually unfufilled.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on personal and financial wealth.


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