The Famous All Golds

June 1, 2016

The All Golds were a famous professional rugby league team from New Zealand who toured Great Britain and Australia in 1907/08. They featured very famous players like Dally Messenger, George Smith, Lance Todd and Edgar Wrigley. Against all the odds, they won a series victory in each country which wasn’t repeated for many years. Bert Baskerville was the main organiser of the tour ….

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My Best Offer at SFI

December 5, 2014

I have made the decision to really get involved in SFI and help my Affiliates to advance/earn. 

I have created a AD co-op at SFI for my movers and shakers.

I have given one share of this co-op to each EA (Executive Affiliate) member or higher at no cost. 

I have extensive advertising experience and generate over 20,000 visitors per day to my lnks and I know this co-op will do well.   You can become and EA within 24 hours with some effort and within 48 hours with just a little effort.

SFI is the best site on the net for earning residual commissions. I received commissions for three years after I stopped promoting it and one of my upline is a top member who revealed that he stopped promoting for 11 years and still received commissions every month, for 11 years. Obviously, after retirement from his work as a Doctor he is back promoting SFI.

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How can earning Versapoints make you money?

November 25, 2014

I think the MUST UNDERSTAND rule about SFI is that you must understand the relationship between Versapoints and earning money. 

It is very simple: 
Consider this you cannot amass a lot of versapoints without making money. 

In other words the designers of SFI put together a system that forces you to learn how to market online by doing simple tasks over and over and earning Versapoints. 

And when you follow the daily list of to dos and other tasks and gather in Versapoints you will more and more opportunities open up and then you will notice you are making money. 

Simple and it works. If it ain’t broke do not fix it – common sense for just do it. 

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There are list builders and there are list builders

November 11, 2014

I can safely say that using listbuilders is the secret to my success. 

Translation – some work and some not so much. 

How do you know which will work for you? 

1. First you much choose a core business – in my case it is SFI – My goal is to build that list. Once you choose a core business your goal is to get subscribers into that list – THAT MUST BE YOUR DAILY GOAL – TO BUILD YOUR LIST AND BUSINESS 

I cannot overemphasize the necessity to have a core business like SFI. If you do not have one after 6 months online you will wander around in the wilderness and never reach the promised land of success.

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The Secret to success online is simply SFI

October 15, 2014

SFI is designed to build your business by adding Versapoints and building your downline.

Years ago I found that getting to the basics of any program was the secret to success. 

So to succeed at SFI I set two goals. 
1. I go to the to do list every day and check the list to glean some Versapoints 

2. I advertise to gain new affiliates. 

Notice I have not mentioned a goal of making money. Why is that? 
Because the money will come automatically when I do steps 1 and 2. 
In fact that is the only way to make money at SFI! 

Did you know the big time money makers online do not set money as the goal – rather they set some many leads or optins as their primary goal. 
Remember the basics to succeed at SFI 
Versapoints and Affiliates 

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Take the success plunge at SFI and build a business

October 5, 2014

If I had one thing to instill into every one it would be three words: “Never give up!” 
So many times I have seen success comes after some period of work and diligence. 

I have never seen any fail that persisted. SFI is a tremendous opportunity but you will have to do a little bit of work. 

Take the success plunge at SFI and build a business here. 
 Here is what I do every day.

Login in the To Do List under the Home Tab and read go through the list and watch the Versapoints accumulate. 
Remember SFI is a site based on Versapoints as a guide to your progress. 
Furthermore as your progress more and more opportunities open up. 
Finally remember that every member that reaches EA will be placed in my personal rotator and my SFI- Coop rotator.  

Onward and upward 
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SFI is the best site to earn commissions – Join for FREE

September 19, 2014

I have decided to really get involved in SFI and help my Affiliates to advance and earn at SFI. 
I have created a AD co-op advertising the free page. 
I have given one share of this co-op to each EA member and Team Leaders at no cost to them. 
I have extensive advertising experience and generate over 20,000 visitors per day to my lnks and I know this co-op will do well. 

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SFI Rocks

September 5, 2014


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• Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions!
• Fast upfront compensation + great long-term residual income potential!
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July 14, 2014
Post regularly to the following recommended Safelists and use Viralmailprofits to keep trackCLICK HERE to join viralmailprofits

Send this message as often as you can

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FREE Collective Advertising System

If you have failed at GDI – we want you to succeed with our team

Your team leader is a successful and respected member of internet marketing community

You will also be assigned to active and knowledgeable sponsors, and be automatically enrolled in our FREE CO-OP!

Are you currently in GDI and going nowhere? Hop on our team and enjoy the success. This recruiting system works! Best of all, everything is FREE! We as a team will help you build a huge down line and income in the months and years to come.

It is far better to teach someone how to fish rather than give them a fish. I take it a litte farther, I give a few fish and then teach them how to fish.

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How to flood your site with traffic without spending any money

July 12, 2014

Set Up Your Own Viral Traffic Generator

Remember – This only works if your do

Any website needs visitors. It doesn’t matter what you are selling and the subject matter is irrelevant. You need genuine traffic because

Traffic = Sales

It isn’t difficult to send traffic to your website without spending any money. Just follow the simple instructions below

>Download MOZILLA FIREFOX. We will be using a method called Tabbed Traffic exchange surfing

>Join each of the following recommended Traffic Exchanges

> open FIREFOX

>on the FIREFOX menu click bookmarks then organise book marks

> in the left hand frame of the bookmarks manager click on the top folder called bookmarks to select it then click on new folder

>name the folder Traffic Exchanges

> close the bookmark manager and return to the main FIREFOX menu

>click file then new tab

>enter your first Traffic Exchange (TE) surf URL e.g.

> click bookmarks then bookmark this page

> in the add bookmarks page that opens click the arrow on the far right of “create in” and chose the Traffic Exchanges folder you created

>repeat the procedure for the other traffic exchanges you have joined



>click on bookmarks then right click on the Traffic Exchanges folder

>choose open in tabs – wait for them all to open

> click on the first tab and log in to start surfing

> repeat for all tabs

> when you have surfed the last tab go back to the first and repeat

> make sure the counter has finished for each tab or you wont receive credit




Surf 25 sites at 10 different TEs every day. This will produce 250 hits for your site.

You will soon get some referrals



BE CONSISTENT  –  This is the key to traffic.